Telecare: A Robust Motion Detection System for Real-Time Human Movement Monitoring

Q. Li, J. You, R. Tong, and A. Mak (PRC)


Motion Detection, Image Understanding, Feature Extrac tion and Representation, Fussy Set Theory, Object Track ing


This paper presents an image understanding approach to monitor human movement and identify the abnormal cir cumstance by robust motion detection for the care of the elderly in a home-based enviroment. In contrast to the con ventional approaches which apply either a fixed feature ex traction scheme or a pre-defined object model for motion detection and tracking, we introduce a multiple feature ex traction scheme for robust motion detection. The proposed algorithms include 1) multiple image feature extraction in cluding the detection of interesting points and boundaries, 2)adaptive thresholding selection based on the compactness measures of fuzzy sets in image feature space, and 3) an optimized algorithm for object tracking and decision mak ing. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed ap proach is demostrated throughout the experimental results of a telecare system by robust motion detection.

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