Telecare Technology for Activity Monitoring for the Elderly at Home

R.K.Y. Tong and J. Wong (PRC)


Activity monitoring system, Infrared and motion detection sensors


An activity monitoring system has been developed to continuously monitor the activity pattern at home to enhance the service in TeleCare for the elderly who are living mostly singly by themselves. A number of motion detectors including a USB web cam, a wireless door sensor and wireless passive infrared (PIR) sensors have been developed for monitoring lack of activities. If the time period of lack of activities in a particular area exceeds a threshold value and we notice that he/she is still in that area, then the computer system would offer to the end-users a mean to alert their care providers when they are in certain critical situations, such as fall or unconscious. A desktop computer and a multi-channel wireless receiver were used to receive signals, record and analyze them. The analyzed results would then transformed as an electronic report and sent back to the center through the telephone line by a modem. Four-week trials had been preformed on three elderly subjects’ home, who were living singly. The results demonstrated the feasibility of the system. This development facilitates care at home without requiring other family members and care providers to stay home all the time.

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