A Continuous Media Data Rendering System for Visualizing Psychological Impression-Transition

F. Yara, N. Yoshida, S. Sasaki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)


multidatabase, information retrieval, cognitive psychology, continuous rendering, visualization, psychological models of impressiontransition


In this paper, we present an implementation method of continuous media data rendering system to visualize a psychological impression-transition continuously. The important feature of this method is to realize visualization of psychological impression-transition by realizing the following steps: 1) creating impression-vector-space to calculate the correlation value between the media data and the query words, 2) creating databases by the psychological impression-transition methods, such as color psychology and music psychology, 3) converting the into query words the words on the impression-transition-word space, 4) selecting the starting and terminal points given by a user and ranking the media data according to the route, the user's context. From the viewpoint of visualization, it is interesting to use this system for representing impression-transition by applying psychological models related to media data, such as color and music. With a continuous rendering system for color data, we have performed several experiments to clarify the feasibility of our method to visualize continuous impression-transition change.

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