An Improved Algorithm of Viewpoint Space Partition in 3D Object Recognition Application

Y. Luo, H. Ma, and F. Li (PRC)


Aspect graph, viewpoint space partition, critical events, and 3D object recognition


Aspect graph is an important method in 3D object recognition. To effectively compute the viewpoint space partition (VSP) is critical in acquiring a good aspect graph. In this paper, we present improvements to the VSP algorithm under perspective model: computing EV (Edge Vertex) events using triangle face feature; simplifying VSP representation; boundary intersection updating; closed loop region computing; generating multi-resolution VSP. We show the partition results, which demonstrate our algorithm’s effectiveness and fastness (less than 2 min). Based on the aspect graph constructed using the improved algorithm, we perform 3D object recognition, which matched all tested objects to the correct counterparts in database.

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