Robust Tracking of Appearance by Sparse Template Adaptation

T. Shakunaga and K. Noguchi (Japan)


Object tracking, condensation, sparse template matching, WSL model.


The problem of real-time tracking appearances in dense vi sual clutter is challenging. This paper provides a solution to the tough problem by combining an adaptive appearance model and a template-based condensation tracker. As an adaptive appearance model, we utilize the WSL appear ance model proposed by Jepson et al. We adopt the sparse template condensation proposed by Shakunaga et al. as a framework of real-time tracking. Rapid and reliable track ing is performed in the framework by matching only a few percent of the whole pixels in the template. Since a sparse template is made up from the stable component of the WSL template, which is called the S-template in this paper, the WSL model and the sparse condensation tracker can col laborate with each other through the sparse S-template. The tracker works as almost rapidly as the sparse template con densation since the WSL model ef´Čüciently facilitates the template adaptation.

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