Image Measurement of Fluid Velocity Distribution based on Temporal Correlation Function

F. Wang, R. Saegusa, and S. Hashimoto (Japan)


temporal correlation, cross correlation, dynamic image, ve locity, measurement accuracy, calculation time


Recent advancement of computational environments al lows us to handle not only two consecutive frames for im age motion measurement. In this paper, we propose a novel method of image measurement of fluid velocity distribu tion using dynamic images of the flow, which is based on the temporal correlation function of the local domain. We made the fluid circulatory system to obtain the dynamic image of the water stream. Then we examined the effec tiveness of the calculation cost and the measurement accu racy of the proposed method to measure the velocity vector field comparing with the conventional cross correlation and the human’s visual observation. Moreover, we applied our method to the velocity measurement of blood flow in the arteriole to evaluate its practicality.

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