Seeing the Unseen: Segmenting with Distributions

Y. Rathi, O. Michailovich, J. Malcolm, and A. Tannenbaum (USA)


Geometric Active Contours, Bhattacharyya distance, level set method, partial differential equations.


An efficient method for separating an object from the back ground in an image is presented. The segmenting curve, corresponding to the object boundary, is represented as the zero level set of a signed distance function. Most exist ing region based methods in the geometric active contour framework perform segmentation by maximizing the sepa ration of intensity moments inside and outside the evolving contour. We generalize these methods by minimizing the Bhattacharyya distance so that it separates regions of dif ferent distributions. Preliminary results show that the pro posed method can segment low contrast, complex images with a very simple curve flow equation.

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