Evaluation of the Direct Fourier Method for 3D PET in the Case of Accurately Determined Projection Data

Y. Li, A. Kummert, H. Li, and H. Herzog (Germany)


Tomographic reconstruction, three-dimensional positron emission tomography (3D PET), direct Fourier method (DFM), inverse distance weighting (IDW)


Three-dimensional positron emission tomography is capable of yielding high system sensitivity and good reconstruction results due to incorporating the cross-plane coincidence events, however at the cost of excessive data volume and clinically impractical reconstruction time. The direct Fourier method (DFM) with its potential for fast reconstruction may be a promising solution. In this paper an easy to understand approach is presented, which provides a straightforward way to determine the highly non-uniformly distributed frequency samples in the recovered 3D object spectrum. In order to evaluate the performance of variously implemented DFM reasonably, an analytically accurate modeling method for the system probability matrix of PET is introduced, by means of which accurate projection data could be obtained. Thus the errors originating from the implemented DFM could be separated from the errors originating from contained noise within inaccurate projection data. Simulation studies with a self-developed simulator are performed and presented to confirm the imposed assertions.

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