Seamless Mosaicking via Multiresolution Analysis and Cut Line Definition

V.V. Bagli and L.M.G. Fonseca (Brazil)


Mosaic, blending, seam line and wavelet transform.


Image mosaicking can be defined as the registration of two or more images that are combined to form a single image. The mosaicking process, in general, is performed in two stages: identification of control points and blending the intensities of the overlapped images. The objective of the blending process is to provide a smooth transition between overlapping images and to eliminate visible seams, blurring, or ghosting. Therefore, this work aims to present a blending technique based on multiresolution analysis to provide a seamless mosaicking of remote sensing images. The method automatically defines the transition zone size and the cut line through the gradient. The method has been tested on satellite and aerial images with satisfactory results.

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