New Multi-Focus Image Fusion Scheme based on Wavelet Contrast

D. Lu, L. Wang, and J. Lv (PRC)


Digital image processing, image fusion, discrete wavelet transform, wavelet contrast


The vision system of human being is sensitive to local contrast. If the wavelet transform and directional contrast are put together, the effect of image fusion may be better. This paper presents a new multi-focus image fusion scheme based on wavelet contrast after researching the directional contrast. First, the input multi-focus images are decomposed by wavelet transform. Second, the high frequency neighborhood and low frequency neighborhood are ratioed on each disaggrega-tire layer of each image. The high frequency wavelet coefficient which is corresponding to bigger ratio is taken as corresponding wavelet coefficient. The neighborhood relativity of pixel is taken into account and the mistake selection of pixel is reduced. The simulation result shows that this scheme is improved than that in Reference [1].

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