Dynamic Resolution Enhancement for Fiber Optics

C. Winter, M. Elter, S. Rupp, and T. Wittenberg (Germany)


Flexible Endoscopy, Resolution Enhancement, Super Posi tion.


Visual inspection of antrums and hollows plays a decisive role in medical diagnosis and therapy. For complex ac cess, the use of endoscopes with flexible image guide is in dispensable. Besides expensive video-scopes the more af fordable types use glass fibers (fiberscopes), which reduce the resolution drastically. In the field of image process ing, the term Super Resolution covers various approaches to enhance the resolution of image sequences with mov ing scenes. This work introduces an applicable version of spatial Super Resolution to the non-uniform distributed grids of fiberscopic image contents. Since Super Resolu tion can be arbitrary complex, our approach dynamically exchanges computation time with the result’s quality. Vi sual and quantitative evaluations show significant enhance ment both on synthetic and on real fiberscopic data.

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