Processing and Analysis of Voice Anomalies in Course of Parkinson's Diseases

A. Izworski, P. Augustyniak, and T. Orzechowski (Poland)


speech processing, voice analysis, Acoustic Signal Processing, Parkinson disease, dysarthria.


The results presented here cover beginning of tests concentrated on analysis of voice anomalies induced by Parkinson’s Diseases. This work contains an outline of theoretical basics of voice physiology and pathological changes in speech caused by PD and dysarthria. The selection of linguistic material was characterized according to the place and manner of articulation in the phonetic system of Polish. Another section of this work contains the description of the applied methods of voice recording and preliminary voice analysis e.g. continuous sound analysis and changes in the realization of sounds. The phenomena heard in the subjective examination of speech pathologist or neurologist have been borne out with precise objective examination. The parameters obtained allow to parameterize the research results, making complex classification feasible.

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