A Frequency-Domain Receiver for Asynchronous Systems Employing CP-Assisted DS-CDMA Schemes

R. Dinis and P. Silva (Portugal)


DS-CDMA, Multiuser Detection, Frequency-Domain Pro cessing, Asynchronous Systems.


In this paper we consider the uplink transmission within CP-assisted (Cyclic Prefix) DS-CDMA (Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access) systems and we present a frequency-domain MUD (MultiUser Detection) receiver with iterative estimation and compensation of residual fre quency errors. The proposed receiver is suitable for broadband wire less systems, with performances that can be close to the single-user MFB (Matched Filter Bound), even for fully loaded systems and/or in the presence of strong interfer ing signals. The receiver is powerful enough for typical asynchronous scenarios, requiring only a coarse synchro nization between users.1

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