Joint Turbo Equalization and Cancelation of Nonlinear Distortion Effects in MC-CDMA Signals

R. Dinis, P. Silva, and T. Araújo (Portugal)


MC-CDMA, nonlinear distortion, turbo equalization, frequency-domain processing, iterative detection.


In this paper, we consider low-PMEPR (Peak-to-Mean En velope Power Ratio) MC-CDMA (Multicarrier Coded Di vision Multiple Access) schemes. We develop frequency domain turbo equalizers combined with an iterative estima tion and cancellation of nonlinear distortion effects. Our receivers have relatively low complexity, since they allow FFT-based (Fast Fourier Transform) implementations. The proposed turbo receivers allow significant performance im provements at low and moderate SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ra tio), even when a low-PMEPR MC-CDMA transmission is intended.1

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