Signed-Rank-based Detector for Spread Spectrum Code Acquisition in Non-Gaussian Impulsive Channels

Sanghun Kim and S. Yoon (Korea)


code acquisition, detector, impulsive channels, spread spectrum.


Recently, a novel detector was proposed by the authors for code acquisition in non-Gaussian impulsive channels [3], which dramatically outperforms the conventional squared sum (SS) detector; however, it requires exact knowledge of the non-Gaussian noise dispersion. In this paper, a new de tector is proposed for code acquisition, which employs the signs and ranks of the received signal samples, instead of their actual values, and so does not require knowledge of the non-Gaussian noise dispersion. The mean acquisition performance of the proposed detector is compared with that of the detector of [3]. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme is not only robust to deviations from the true value of the non-Gaussian noise dispersion, but also has comparable performance to that of the scheme of [3] using exact knowledge of the non-Gaussian noise disper sion.

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