Low Complexity per Tone Equalization for DMT-based Systems

R. Nawaz and J.A. Chambers (UK)


Multicarrier Modulation, OFDM, ADSL, Channel shorten ing, Equalization, Synchronization.


In this paper we propose a low complexity per tone equal ization (PTEQ) scheme for discrete multitone (DMT) based systems. In particular, we show that it is possible to use a length two PTEQ equalizer and attain essentially identical bit rate performance as a PTEQ equalizer with length matched to the cyclic prefix. This observation allows for a substantial reduction in computational complexity of the PTEQ scheme in both initialization and data transmis sion modes. Our proposed length two PTEQ equalizer is robust to a range of negative synchronization delays in the system. For positive synchronization delays, however, the required PTEQ equalizer length is proportional to the syn chronization error, which is a consequence of strong inter symbol and intercarrier interference (ISI and ICI) from the next symbol.

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