A Real-Time Footstep Tracking for Monitoring System

T. Saitoh, T. Kodani, and R. Konishi (Japan)


Direction of Arrival, Footstep, Surveillance System, Real time Process


When a person is walking the outside of the room, the location of the person is unknown with the camera image because the wall is occluded the person and the camera. This paper proposed a real-time system for tracking a foot step based on direction of arrival estimation method. The microphone array technique is applied to estimate the di rection of the target person and the camera with a motor is turned to the person in real-time. We applied simple es timation method with 1125 footstep sounds and obtained 80.3% of the success rate with cross-correlation method of input signals. The tracking demonstration was carried out with five examinees. Though the recording time was lim ited only a half second because of the hardware problem, we confirmed that the direction of the examinee who walks a corridor could be detected.

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