Blind Matched Filter Method for FM-CW Radar

F. Nishiyama and H. Murakami (Japan)


Matched filter, signal-to-clutter ratio, ground clutter, fm cw radar


FM-CW radar has been suggested for use in automotive radar in resent years. Linear frequency modulation has been used for FM-CW radar due to its ability measures a range to an object. Received signals observed by FM-CW radar are of target signals or clutter signals or noise signals with different carrier frequencies. In several cases, received target data with different carrier frequencies have stronger correlation than clutter data and noise data have. In these cases, target data can be assumed to follow the statistics of a Moving Average (MA) model, in spite of the fact that the statistics are not known in advance. The MA parameter is estimated from only the received data by the blind matched filter method. The matched filter is designed based on this estimated MA parameter. Signal-to-clutter Ratio is improved by this matched filter.

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