An Experiment System of Space Robot for Capturing Target

C. Li, W. Xu, B. Liang, W. Qiang, and Y. Xu (PRC)


Space robot, Ground Experiment System, Trajectory Planning, Target Capturing


Ground experimentations are required to verify the planning and control algorithms of space robotic system before it is launched. In this paper, a ground experiment system is setup based on a new concept, whose key issues are dynamic emulation and kinematic equivalence. The behaviors of the space robotic system are calculated by its dynamic equations and the motion of the end-effector and the target is realized by two industrial robots. According to different observation spots, two modes of capturing process are emulated: one is observed from the inertial frame, the other is from the space base. With the system, algorithms of space robot of any geometry and mass properties can be tested. Moreover, a real-time 3D simulation system is developed to emulate the capturing process in 3D space. Numeric simulation and experiment results show that the ground system is effective in evaluating the planning and control algorithms of space robot.

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