Visual-based System for Tracking of Mobile Robots with Support of Infra-Red Sensor

R. Deliyski (Bulgaria, UK) and P. Mitrouchev (France)


Mobile robots, Sensor systems, Autonomous transport means, Vehicle tracking, Computer vision, Data fusion.


The platooning technique for means of transport uses different kind of sensors for longitudinal and lateral control. This paper describes an approach for tracking of transport means in a platooning system which calculates the distance between preceding and following vehicles using only a single digital camera with support of infra red range finder. The key features defining the distance between two vehicles are obtained by image processing. The calculated distances by the two sensor channels are synchronized in time and fused with a weighted average algorithm. The results show that the relation between key features and distance is nonlinear and the data from different sources are reliably fused in a short computation time. This fused value is suitable for real time longitudinal control of slow speed industrial mobile robots.

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