Scenario based Robot Programming

T.A. Choi (USA)


Autonomous mobile robots, reusable code, portable code, sensor abstraction, actuator abstraction.


Scenario Based Programming (SBP) builds upon Autonomous Evolution of sensory and actuator Driver layers through Environmental Constraints (AEDEC) [1] to provide a simple and yet versatile coding approach. SBP provide for automatic abstractions of the sensors and actuators eliminating the need for a programmer to understand the robot hardware. SBP reduces the complex robot programming down to scenario list creation and associating the appropriate action primitive with the elements in the scenario list. Since the SBP code is written for the actuator and sensory driver layers, the high level code is portable and reusable. The properties of SBP is demonstrated and verified using two physically different autonomous mobile robots (Talrik and Mantaray), by implementing obstacle avoidance and wall following behaviours.

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