Towards a New Mobility Concept for Cities: Architecture & Programming of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

R. Rocha, J. Dias, A. Cunha, and J. Varanda (Portugal)


Cybernetic transportation systems, automatic guided vehi cles, fleet control.


This article focus on Cybernetic Transport Systems (CTS) due to their effectiveness for solving mobility problems in cities. A new mobility concept is proposed which allows to attain the same flexibility of the private passenger car but with much less nuisances. It is based on small semi autonomous electric vehicles, which may be used to com plement mass public transportation, by providing passen ger service for any location at any time. A set of au tomatic guided vehicles for public transportation are de scribed. Two different control paradigms of the fleet are compared: centralized vs. decentralized control. The pros and cons of both control approaches are highlighted so as to support decisions about the configuration of a CTS. The article provides a new offer of transport to city authorities in order to move towards sustainable and efficient public transportation systems.

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