Develop an Internet based Home Security Robot

S.H. Chia, K.L. Su, and T.L. Chien (Taiwan)


Home security robot, GSM modern, Wireless RS232.


The security system of home is an important issue to human being. We develop a low cost home security robot system that is widely employed in our daily life. The home security robot can detect abnormal and dangerous situation and notify user thought Internet and GSM modern. The structure of the home security robot contains six systems. There are sensory system, avoidance obstacle and driver system, software development system, remote supervised system, multiple interface system and others. First, we develop a low cost based home security robot using aluminum flame. The contour of the robot is cylinder. The diameter is 20 cm, and height is about 50 cm. Then we present the remote supervised system for the home security robot system, and design multiple interfaces to communicate with other robots and user. There are Internet, wireless RS232, wireless RF interface and IR interface. Finally, we make some experimental scenario to supervise the home security robot through personal computer and RF remote controller, and it can detect fire event to transmit message to user using GSM modern, and remote control module through Internet or cell phone by user, and avoid obstacle in state and dynamic environment.

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