A Design of a Modular Force Sensing Robot Arm for Self-Assembling Robots in a System

M. Kim, J. Weber (USA), and S. Cha (Korea)


Modular design, selfassembling robots in a system (SRS), selfassembling robots, manipulation, minimizing disturbance, Series Elastic Actuator (SEA).


This paper presents the design, construction, and control for a novel concept of self-assembling robots in a system. The system is composed of multiple cooperative robots that are designed to self-assemble in a multiple-robot system, execute manipulative tasks, and self-repair, all without human assistance to achieve both autonomy and robustness. The self-assembling feature employs four mechanical design guidelines: independent module, one touch assembly design, self-alignment, and self-guiding. The independent design feature also employs independent motor control boards and wireless communication board. For a decoupling effect, we chose a motor with large gear ratio. For safety and modularization purpose, we design and implement a newly designed Series Elastic Actuator to limit shock bandwidth and sense forces during manipulative tasks. With the design and control method, we can use the modular robot without considering the arm dynamics.

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