An Intuitive Human-Robot Interface for Rescue Operation of a 3D Snake Robot - The Intuitive Human-Robot Interface Aims for Non-Professional Operators

R. Murai, K. Ito, and F. Matsuno (Japan)


Snakelike robot, Nonprofessional operator, Passive mechanism


Rescue operation is one of most effective applications of snake-like robots, because it is very dangerous for human beings to locate survivors in collapsed buildings and, in addition, snake-like robots can move into narrow spaces to find survivors. However, previous rescue systems that use robots have a significant problem that is a shortage of professional operators. To solve the problem, we focus on volunteer non professional staffs as operators of the rescue robots, and develop a three dimensional snake-like robot that can be controlled easily. We employ user interface of an automobile for that of the snake-like robot, and propose a mechanical system for controlling many degrees of freedom of the snake-like robot by the fewer degrees of freedom of the interface of the automobile. We have demonstrated the validity and the effectiveness of the proposed system by developing a prototype system.

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