Space-Time Cellular Automata in Multiple Mobile Robots Motion-Planning

F.M. Marchese (Italy)


Mobile Robots, MultiRobots, Motion Planning, Cellular Automata


In this paper is described a fast Motion-Planner for Multi robot composed by mobile robots having generic shapes and sizes (user defined) and different kinematics. A new algorithm has been developed to compute the shortest collision-free path for each robot while considering their real shapes, the kinematics constraints, and avoiding the collisions with static and dynamical obstacles (e.g. other robots). It is based on a directional (anisotropic) propaga tion of attracting potential values in a 4D Space-Time, us ing a Multilayered Cellular Automata (MCA) architecture. This algorithm makes a search for all the optimal collision free trajectories following the minimum valley of a poten tial hypersurface embedded in a 5D space.

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