Miniature Five-Fingered Robot Hand Driven by Shape Memory Alloy Actuators

T. Maeno and T. Hino (Japan)


Miniature robot hand, shape memorizing alloy actuators, dexterous manipulation


Miniature five fingered robot hand is developed for dexterous manipulation of small tissues and parts in medical and industrial fields. The size of the robot hand is about one third of human hands. It has 4 DOF (degrees of freedom) per a finger that is almost the same as humans. The entire DOF of the hand is 20. The hand is driven by SMA (shape memory actuator) wire actuator with diameter of 0.05 mm. The maximum strain of the SMA wire is about 0.04. Time constant of the finger movement is about 0.2s. It means that the frequency response of the developed hand is almost in the same range as human fingers. The developed robot hand can be used in dexterous remote manipulations of small things.

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