A Recursive Approach to Roadmap-based Path Planning

D.W. Dougall and J.K. Archibald (USA)


Path planning, mobile robots, obstacle avoidance.


Many techniques have been developed to plan paths for mobile robots. The need to provide reasonable paths for mobile robots is critical in the development of use ful robots. Many researchers have dismissed roadmap ap proaches to path planning because of computational in ef´Čüciencies and scalability challenges; it is assumed that crude paths result if the problem must be solved in rea sonable time. This paper proposes a new approach to path planning that uses recursion to overcome the limitations of other roadmap methods. The JARB algorithm is highly op timized for speed in sparse environments while also provid ing smooth paths in densely populated environments. By joining recursive branching with the ability to ignore irrel evant obstacles, high quality paths can be produced with reduced computation. We describe the algorithm in detail and present experimental results.

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