On the Evaluation of Sampling Density Distribution of a Camera

F. Bianconi and P. Conti (Italy)


Camera sampling density, image acquisition, reverse engi neering.


Computing how a camera samples a scene is a com mon task in engineering and computer graphics. Though this concept is rather intuitive (sampling density is propor tional to the number of pixels which sample a point in the scene), it is necessary to define it in a formal and rigorous way. This paper describes a method to evaluate the sam pling density distribution of a camera. A definition of cam era sampling density is given, and a simple computation method is presented. The proposed approach is based on the evaluation of the area reduction coefficient associated to the function which maps a generic point of the scene to a point in the image plane. The approach can be applied either to the ideal (pin hole) camera model or to real camera models with distor tion. Experimental tests on a specimen are also presented and discussed.

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