Multiple Dynamic Perspectives to Industrial Processes

K. Einsfeld, A. Ebert, J. Wölle, and H. Steinmetz (Germany)


Visual Information Systems, Environmental Sciences, Pro cess Visualization, Multiple Perspectives, Information Vi sualization Metaphors, Labeling


The efficient operation of complex industrial processes re quires the organization of large amounts of heterogeneous data. We explain that both, these data characteristics as well as the need for context sensitive information inter faces, require the design of visualizations with multiple dy namic perspectives on the data. The benefits of animated 3D information visualization are stated and an efficient mo tion parallax technique is proposed. Additionally, a navi gation concept for information rich semantic 3D environ ments that frees the user from part of the mental load is de scribed. We present new metaphors for visualizing the data in those perspectives like Cone-View, animated 3D Explo sion View, and Rotary Diagram. Moreover, a labeling tech nique for dynamic 3D environments is explained. Although still at an early state of development, our implementation of this toolbox of concepts, metaphors, and techniques promises to indicate an new generation of in dustrial process visualization systems.

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