Clouds Visualization for Hail Suppression Purposes

D. Rančić, V. Mihajlović, B. Predić, I. Antolović, and P. Eferica (Serbia)


Hail suppression, cloud visualization, volume visualization, marching cubes


The main task of hail suppression system is efficient seeding of potentially hail containing clouds. The estimation whether the cloud is potentially hail containing or not is made by tracking the development of cloud systems. Three-dimensional Hail Suppression Information System (HASIS-3D), presented in the paper, provides tracking and measurement of specific parameters of cloud systems. Cloud tracking is enabled by efficient visualization of radar data. The data being used by the system is acquired using meteorological radars and represents cloud reflectivity for electromagnetic waves. Visualization of the data in 2D view is performed by transforming data into rectangular coordinate system and representing each reflectivity level with appropriate color. Availability of different 2D view modes in HASIS-3D system allows precise analysis of clouds and more adequate estimation of hail probability. Representing clouds with iso-surfaces in 3D view allows early detection of potentially hail containing clouds by inspection of the cloud configuration and size in the space. The system, also, provides tools for precise measurement of hail ceils need to be seeded with chemical reagents.

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