Simplification for Efficient Rendering of Tree Foliage

J.L. Hidalgo, F.J. Abad, and E. Camahort (Spain)


Tree modeling and rendering, multiresolution representa tions, geometric simplification, GPU-based rendering.


Tree modeling and rendering is an integral part of many modern computer graphics applications. Unfortu nately, tree models are highly detailed and require a lot of geometry information. To solve this problem both image and geometry-based simplification techniques have been proposed. These techniques build multiresolution repre sentations that either have large storage requirements or do not allow viewing the trees from a close distance. We present a multiresolution model that can be efficiently stored in the GPU and produces highly realistic views of trees at close range. Our model supports a rendering al gorithm that only requires two render operations to display any level of detail of any tree. We propose a simplification method targeted at this rendering algorithm. This simpli fication method produces continuous levels of detail of the leaves of each tree. We show that our algorithm can render scenes with as many as several million trees modeled using our representation.

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