Visualization of MPEG-4 3D Contents

S. Celakovski, S. Kalajdziski, and D. Davcev (FYROM)


Modelling, simulation, artificial intelligence, and neural networks


In this paper we present novel implementations of a 3D rendering mechanisms for displaying 3D graphics MPEG 4 encoded content. Our proposal presents methods for decoding of the MPEG-4 3D resources and their visualization in real-time. We consider the management of the 3D scene that enables creation of appropriate representation of the MPEG-4 data needed during the visualization process. The novel concept implemented here is to consider the scene management with respect to the rendering constraints and not to the representation of the data as in a usual MPEG-4 approach. We have implemented two different renderers: a stand alone application (based on DirectX and OpenGL), and an ActiveX control convenient for inclusion of the renderer in other applications or documents (web pages, presentations etc).

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