Automatic Representation of Adult Aging in Facial Images

E. Patterson, K. Ricanek, M. Albert, and E. Boone (USA)


Aging, face recognition, biometrics, and image synthesis.


The natural process of aging affects human faces in a variety of ways. These effects make many automated processes, as well as human-driven processes, difficult. The need to recognize faces after a gap of several years, though, is likely to be the norm in many law-enforcement and other face-recognition application environments, making consideration of aging very important. To date, though, scant research in modeling and face recognition has even considered the effects of aging. This work considers an active-appearance-model approach to “facial aging” of images of adults. Some similar work has been conducted concerning growth and development but not adult aging, which is a distinct and separate process. A sample from a new database, containing some of the largest age spans of any publicly available face database, is used along with active appearance models to artificially age images of adult faces. A brief anthropological perspective of aging is presented, the application and results of active appearance models to facial-image aging are given, and how these results could affect face-recognition and forensic applications is discussed.

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