A Hybrid Snake for Automatic Tracking of Human Head

J. Zapata and R. Ruiz (Spain)


Head detection, head tracking, people tracking, de formable models, active contours


A procedure is presented for robust head tracking by a deformable model. The head onto of the scene is modelled as an active contour whose location and size are constantly updated in order to track the head movement. The resultant system is a real-time, illumination and head-rotation invari ant robust head tracker. The procedure is based on com bining an adaptive balloon force with the GVF force. The balloon force is modified in order to increase the capture range of the active contour in adaptive way. The adaptive balloon force varies inversely proportional to GVF force of the image. The traditional GVF force is computed as a diffusion of gradient vectors of a gray level or binary edge map derived from the image. Our GVF force is computed for a decreased number of iterations during the calculation process and so the diffusion field is located near edges only. This hybrid snake is pushed by the adaptive balloon force while the GVF force is not present.

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