A New Template Matching Method for Vertebrae Contours Detection in X-ray Images

M. Benjelloun, H. Téllez, and S. Mahmoudi (Belgium)


Contour detection, Vertebrae analysis, polar signature, X-ray images.


This paper describes a new approach of medical image seg mentation applied to X-ray images of the spinal column. The goal of our work is to identify each vertebra separately by a closed contour. To achieve this task, we propose a first pre-processing step which allows creating a polygo nal region for each vertebra. After that, we use these re gions information to identify vertebrae contours. This sec ond step is based on a polar signature representation of the contour associated to a template matching process. Finally, we propose to get a single closed contour for each vertebra by applying an edge closing method exploiting polynomial fitting.

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