Registration of MRI and DTI towards 3-D Visualization of Fiber Tracts in the Brain

Danmary Sanchez, M. Adjouadi, and Daniel Sanchez (USA)


Three-dimensional modeling, visualization techniques, image registration, and diffusion tensor imaging


This study introduces a technique of 3-D image registration of MRI and DTI modalities, towards the development of a 3-D visual interface integrating Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI). The need for such an interface is critical for understanding brain connectivity. Two research fronts were explored: (1) the development of new image processing techniques in order to accurately establish relational positioning of fiber tracts within an anatomical semi-transparent 3-D brain image, and (2) the obligation to address the computational requirements such that the processing time is within practical bounds of clinical settings. The system was evaluated using data from thirty subjects at the Brain Institute of Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH). The interface developed provides for innovative 3-D visualization of white matter fiber tracts. After registration, the MR images were 27% more correlated to the DT images than originally, which is considered significant given the practical consequence of brain research using multimodal platforms. This interface was fully embedded into a fiber-tracking software system currently in use at the Brain Institute at MCH, in order to establish an optimal research environment.

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