Realistic Face Modeling with Anthropometric Control and Full-Head Texture Mapping

Y. Zhang and N.I. Badler (USA)


Face Modeling, Anthropometric Control, Interpolation, Texture Mapping.


This paper presents new techniques for synthesizing varied realistic geometric models of human faces by morphing lo cal facial features according to anthropometric control pa rameters, and for generating a full-head texture from a face image of the scanned data for model rendering. We au tomatically register 3D face scans in a large database by deforming a generic head mesh to fit each example face shape. Once we have a common surface representation for each example, we form local feature shape spaces by apply ing principal component analysis to the data sets of facial feature shapes. We parameterize the example models using face anthropometric measurements and predefine the inter polation functions for the parameterized examples based on radial basis functions. At runtime, a new face geometry is generated at an interactive rate by evaluating the interpo lation functions with the input anthropometric parameter values. We also automatically generate a full-head texture from parameterized texture of the face region.

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