Progressive Multiresolution Perceptual and Statistically based Image Codec

P. Bagheri Zadeh, T. Buggy, A. Sheikh Akbari, and J.J. Soraghan (UK)


Discrete wavelet transform, image compression, perceptual weights, progressive transmission, quadtree coding, statistical parameters.


This paper presents a progressive multiresolution human visual system and statistically based image-coding scheme. The proposed coding scheme decorrelates the input image into a number of subbands using a lifting based wavelet transform and employs a novel statistically-based coding algorithm to code the coefficients in the detail subbands. Perceptual weights are applied to regulate the threshold value of each detail subband that is required in the coding process. The baseband coefficients are losslessly coded. The coded subbands are used for progressive image transmission. To evaluate the performance of the coding scheme, it was applied to a number of test images with and without perceptual weights. The results indicate significant improvement in both subjective and objective quality of the reconstructed images when the perceptual weights are employed. The performance of the new progressive image codec was also compared to JPEG and JPEG2000. The results show that the proposed computationally efficient coding scheme outperforms both coding standards at low compression ratios, while offering satisfactory performance at higher compression ratios. The application of the codec to progressive image transmission is also investigated on a series of test images.

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