Flexible Feature and Resolution Control of Triangular Meshes

H. Date, S. Kanai, T. Kishinami, and I. Nishigaki (Japan)


Form features, feature suppression, mesh simplification, level of detail, rendering, and finite element analysis


In this paper, we propose a new feature and resolution control method of triangular meshes to realize efficient mesh uses. The basic approach of our method is to commence the production of mesh with different degrees of feature suppression and resolution from feature removed coarse mesh by LOD technique. First, the features of the input mesh are automatically recognized using a mesh segmentation technique, and all recognized features are removed. As a result, the input mesh is decomposed into a feature-removed mesh and some feature meshes. Then, mesh simplification by edge collapse is applied to the feature-removed mesh and feature meshes. Finally, arbitrary resolution and feature suppressed mesh can be obtained quickly by feature recovering and LOD. The effectiveness of our approach is shown through some examples and applications.

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