Iterative 3D Surface Reconstruction with Adaptive Pattern Projection

W. Li (Germany, France), F. Boochs (Germany), F. Marzani, and Y. Voisin (France)


Iterative surface reconstruction, pattern, surface curvature.


The 3D surface reconstruction of real objects is an important computer-related task. Traditional pattern based methods often suffer from a large amount of surface points having to be acquired; this results in large 3D models needing huge storage space, time-consuming mesh simplification is therefore often necessary. In this paper, we present a newly 3D surface reconstruction approach by iteratively projecting spot patterns being adaptive to the surface geometry of the object. The adaptation is controlled by the estimation of the local surface curvature of the actual reconstructed 3D surface. This approach was validated in a simulated 3D surface reconstruction process, and is being integrated into a real system; it allows reproducing an optimized 3D model which needs much less storage space and no further mesh simplification.

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