A Parametric Deformation for Mesh Models based on Barycentric Coordinates

G. Mizuno, H. Date, S. Kanai, and T. Kishinami (Japan)


Free-form deformation, barycentric coordinates, mesh model, and parametric deformation.


Free-Form Deformation (FFD) [1] is a popular method for deforming 3D geometric models. FFD first embeds the model in the regular lattice (handle). Then by deforming the handle, the embedded model is deformed. However, FFD has the following problems for engineering applications: 1) it is difficult to make the handle suitable for the user-intended deformation type such as bend and twist, 2) it requires complicated manipulation, and 3) it cannot produce deformations precisely because the degree of deformation such as the angle of bend cannot be specified explicitly. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, we propose a parametric deformation method for mesh models. First, we propose an FFD based on barycentric coordinates (BCFFD) for a convex polytope. Second, we propose an automatic handle construction method for the BCFFD based on definition and classification of deformation types such as bend, twist, and so on. Third, we propose a parametric deformation method based on BCFFD. Finally, we derive constraints for the handle that preserve geometric continuity at boundary between the deformed and non-deformed portion of the model. Using our methods, the user can deform the mesh model by selecting the deformation type and portions to be deformed, and by manipulating deformation parameters.

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