Support System for Estimation of Earthquake Fault Plane WITHIN IPT

Y. Yasuhara, N. Sakamoto, Y. Ebara, H. Katao, and K. Koyamada (Japan)


Earthquake, Fault plane, IPT, Control interface, Kriging


Effective data visualization techniques are required in or der to support efficient eathquake analysis. So far, earth quake analysis experts have only been able to imagine 3D structures from typical 2D expressions. However, we con sider that experts would be able to understand 3D structures more acculately and efficiently by providing them with an intuitive and interactive 3D display system. We focused on immersive projection technology (IPT) systems, more specifically on the CAVE system, to develop an effective support system for earthquake data analysis. We also de veloped an IPT oriented bimanual input based control in terface for the support system to enable intuitive user inter action with the 3D display. In addition, we implemented a support tool for estimating fault planes in the earthquake phenomenon using the Ordinary Kriging method.

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