Use of Low-Dimensional Mappings to Investigate Earthquake Correlations in the Geoelectric Potential Signal

C. Theoharatos, A. Ifantis, and G. Economou (Greece)


Geoelectric potential, multidimensional scaling, and minimal spanning tree.


An exploratory data analysis (EDA) framework is built based on multidimensional scaling (MDS) and minimal spanning tree (MST), as a means to investigate possible correlations among the geoelectric potential difference prior to significant seismic events in Western Greece. The data have been collected during a six-year (1998-2003) experimental investigation, at the earthquake prediction section of the University of Patras Seismological Laboratory (UPSL), using an automatic recording and processing system. Certain interesting clustering tendencies are detected in the MDS-plot of the projected time-sequences (TSs) data, indicating the existence of possible correlation between the geoelectric signal structure and the impeding seismic activity. The presence of similar temporal patterns in the recorded time-series of the geoelectric field, ten days before the occurrence of the major earthquakes, is also investigated using the MST’s ability to rank observations in a multivariate space. The experimental results demonstrate the validity of the introduced framework.

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