Design, Modeling and Identification of a Cartesian Robot for Direct Visual Servoing Applications

C. Pérez, N. García, O. Reinoso, J.M. Azorín, and R. Morales (Spain)


Robot modeling, parameter identification, visual servoing.


For high-speed direct visual servoing applications and re search the use of cartesian robots offers many benefits due to their structural stiffness, high-speed time response and accurate model . This paper is focussed to a complete de sign of a direct drive cartesian robot actuated by powerful brushless motors. Three prismatic joints allows only pure translations of the moving end-effector carrying the cam era (eye-in-hand configuration), without any rotation. The dynamic model, parameter identification, model validation and functional design of the robot are studied. The me chanical and control architecture proposed in this paper is efficient for industrial and research application in direct vi sual servoing in which high speed, well known model and very high accuracy are required.

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