Workflow for Development and Testing of an Embedded Vision Application

H. Hemetsberger, J. Kogler, M. Humenberger, C. Zinner, W. Kubinger, and S. Borbély (Austria)


computer vision, embedded systems, vision applications, vision development tools


Developing computer vision applications is a challenging task. Realizing such an application as an embedded sys tem is even more difficult, due to the limited resources of the target platform. In this paper the methods for the re alization of such an embedded vision application are in troduced. This includes a description of a workflow that supports the development of an embedded vision system. Also, the tools used for development and testing of this ap plication are presented. For each step in the development process either off-the-shelf or self-developed tools were de ployed. The embedded system, a stereo vision sensor, was part of an autonomous vehicle which participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge 2005. This system was used for obstacle and lane detection in this competition.

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