Visual Interpolation for Long-Range Contour Completion by Perceptual Grouping based on Tensor Voting

A. Massad (Germany)


Visual Interpolation, Perceptual Grouping, Tensor Voting


The integration of fragmented contours into larger units is important for different domains of visual perception. Al though a common interpolation mechanism is assumed, the shape of the curves shows considerable variations with the completion type (amodal/modal) and contextual informa tion. Long-range completions are ruled by a mediation between the Gestalt laws of good continuation and min imal path which is controlled by a parameter called GC MP contrast. In this paper, we propose the integration of such a parameter into the tensor voting model for percep tual grouping. We show under which conditions long-range connections are possible with this model and present results of this extension on typical conīŦgurations of rectilinear and curvilinear fragments.

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