Feature based Registration of Multispectral Data-Cubes

A. Broersen and R. van Liere (The Netherlands)


Registration, PCA, and multispectral data-cubes


Imaging spectroscopy can be used to scan the structure of chemical elements on the surface materials. Multiple three dimensional datasets are created that contain the chemi cal properties on each location of the scanned surface. A manual pixel-based registration method was used to align the data-cubes to create one large mosaic of data-cubes. In this paper, we present a feature-based method for the registration of multispectral data-cubes. A feature is de fined as a combination of important correlated chemical el ements in the spectral distribution. One advantage of our feature-based registration is that the presence of noise in a data-cube is greatly reduced and, therefore, will result in a more robust registration. Another advantage is that mul tiple attempts for registration can be performed using sev eral extracted features to improve robustness. This paper describes our registration method and the conditions to in dicate if extracted features contain sufficient information. We also compare the performance of our method with a pixel-based registration method.

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