The Influence of the Tensor Fasciae Latae on the Loading of the Femoral Mid-Shaft

J.F. Williams, C.D.L. Thomas, J.G. Clement, and R. Bruns (Australia)


Biomechanics, hip & femurs, tensor fasciae latae, muscle forces,


: A two-dimensional model of the forces developed in the muscles supporting the pelvis, including the tensor fasciae latae (TFL), during one-legged stance has been developed. The model is used to examine the effect of altering the proportion of load shared between the abductors and the TFL. The model predicts that, as load-sharing changes from the pelvis (being totally supported by the abductors) to being supported by the TFL only, significant changes arise in the bending moment and compressive loads developed in the femoral mid-diaphysis and also the hip joint reaction force.

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