Conceptual Study of an Integrated MEMS Micropump used for Medical Purposes

C. Ravariu, F. Ravariu, and O. Nedelcu (Romania)


Modelling and simulation, integrated micropump, biosensor application, drug delivery application, MEMS.


The nowadays biomedical applications need manipulations of very small amount of liquids. The classical pumps with movable valves suffer from the fatigue of the movable parts, having a reduced lifetime and can destroy some biological macromolecules. A valveless micropump with a diffuser/nozzle element is in agreement with the silicon technology and bioliquids requirements. This work proposes a micropump with diffuser/nozzle channels dedicated to charged bioliquids. There are presented applications of this kind of integrated micropump like biosensor and drug delivery device. The simulation with CoventorWare has taken into account a piezoelectric actuation.

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